Programme 2020/21

17th November 2020

Meeting Cancelled due to Covid 19 Lockdown

1st December 2020

Meeting Cancelled due to Covid 19 Lockdown

15th December 2020

Christmas Club Night

In view of the Covid restrictions we are unable to have our traditional quiz night but rest assured , your committee have a fun filled evening planned for everyone. Sadly , there can be no food and drink this year either.

Results of the “Portraits” competition

5th January 2021

Andy Burns “Nightime and Lowlight Photography”

“I have been interested in photography since my early teens when I was given a camera as a birthday present. Over the years I found that it was a hobby that I picked up and put down depending on time, family and work commitments. However, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to train professionally as a forensic photographer and to work in that role for almost 20 years. Now in semi retirement I have the time to follow my own interests which include landscape,architectural and night time photography.”
National Police Photographer of the Year – 2004
Associateship – BIPP (forensic)

19th January 2021

“You don’t have to be a geek ……………….. if we can do it anyone can !”

A chance to take away some of the mystic behind post processing. James, Gordon, David, Ian and Bill will share some simple tips on how to improve your images.

2nd February 2021

Glenys Garnet “Get Creative”

Glenys lives and work in Wakefield as a full time freelance Photographer, Artist and Graphic Designer and works exclusively in the digital medium.

Glenys claims not to be a purist about photography. She uses the camera as a tool, the first part of the process of producing an image, often with an artistic intent rather than a documentary capture. This may involve a number of creative techniques, including multiple exposure, ICM (intentional camera movement) and sometimes a combination of both.

This presentation is a general overview to Glenys’s work, her influences and creative approach. Glenys will talk about the techniques used to create her work both in camera , using photoshop and also using alternative capture means such as scanner and wet media.

16th February 2021

“Travelling with Joan

Member , Joan Birch is renowned for her international travel and despite having been grounded for the past year she is going to share with us a selection of her travel photos.

Results of the “Song Titles” competition

2nd March 2021

Mark Banks – “Back to Basics Part 1”

Mark is a professional landscape artist and is well known to the club and its members. Following a questionnaire of members during lockdown , it is felt that we will benefit from looking at how best to use our cameras and how to develop better understanding photographic techniques . This will be a member lead evening with Mark responding to our specific needs.

16th March 2021

“Red Spot Evening”

This annual event is always popular with members who get the chance to choose some favourite images taken by fellow members.

Results of “Something Red” competition

6th April 2021

James LePage – More on Phone Photography

James uses his phone for most of his photography now and will show us more of his fabulous images as well as show us how to use in phone “apps” to enhance them.

Results of “Spring in Close Up” competition

20th April 2021

John Bollotten – “Nothing to See Here”

An exploration into homelessness, destitution and drug and alcohol misuse in Bradford.

John is a documentary photographer, mentor and speaker based in Bradford, UK. In this talk John will talk about his work with drug users which show a part of society rarely if ever photographed this deeply.

John has published seven books to date: “Bradford Street” (2014); “Belgrade” (2015); “Shabash” (2016), “Nothing To See Here” (2017), “Field of Broken Dreams” (2018), “Love Story” (2019) and “Gladiators” (2020) and two zines”This is Shit” and “Shit” (both 2020).

4th May 2021

Amy Bateman – “My Life, Farming and Photography”

Amy is an award winning photographer holding, amongst other awards, the accolade of British Life Photographer of the Year. Amy lives on a farm in Cumbria and in addition to capturing life on the farm with a young family she has become a successful commercial photographer.

18th May 2021

Masham Camera Walk

Members and guests are invited to bring their camera to the meeting and we will spend an hour looking for some investing and unusual shots of our home town. The images taken during the evening will be submitted for the next competition.

Results of the competition “Three Days”

1st June 2021

Pictures on My Wall

Members and guests are invited to bring along some of their images which they deem to be “good enough to hang in their homes” . As well as showing the image we will hopefully hear some fascinating back stories behind the image !!

15th June 2021

John ColeStreet Photography

John will talk to us about his enthusiasm for Street Photography and give some tips and hints as well as showing us some of his images shooting from the hip !

Results of the competition – “Walking in Masham”

10th – 17th July

Annual Exhibition at St Mary’s Church Masham

13th July 2021

Annual BBQ/Club Social.

To be held at East Witton Parish Room – details to follow.

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