Help in producing Slideshows

Annual Audio-Visual (Slideshow) Competition

This competition will be held in March 2023 with the deadline for entries to be with the club by Friday 24th March 2023

Because there are a lot of technical emails and workshops taking place, we decided to collate the information on various systems and formats and put it all in one place here on the website for anyone looking for technical help in producing their entry and sending it in on time.


A slideshow workshop will be held in the Masham Town Hall (Small Hall, where we usually meet) on Wednesday, February 15th, from 7:00 PM. 

The aims of the workshop are:

– to assist less experienced members with creating a slideshow from scratch using their own device.  We can download software and create a sample slideshow, step – by – step. 

– to give more experienced members the chance to experiment with different  elements of slideshow software

– to check out the benefits of different software applications

Several club members with experience in creating terrific slideshows will be on hand to provide help and support on both Apple and Android/Microsoft platforms. 

One benefit of meeting up in the Small Hall is the access we will have to the AV equipment and the internet. We can watch and discuss YouTube video tutorials and work together on creating a slideshow from scratch. 

Everyone is welcome to come along – the evening will be very informal.  You can bring  your device to work on your slideshow project and others will be around to offer ideas and support if wanted. There will be coffee, tea and biscuits available too.

Getting your entry sent in

Info from meeting 7th February 2023 –

Help with formats to make a slideshow

Various notes and links on different systems you may be looking to use –


Bill is the expert here, his words below; there is a cost to this software however anyone using it for the first time will be eligible for a free trial period – you should be able to create your slideshow in the trial period, but you will just have to make  sure that you don’t create the video until you are sure you have got it right

Should we run into difficulties I think that there is a way around it I am prepared to purchase the basic edition and then you could WeTransfer the show that you have prepared and I could create the video.

PTE AV Studio

As above, an alternative Windows/Microsoft option, there will be a trial period for PTE AV Studio which may be a better option to Photostage, it is also easier to use.

Members of the camera club can use a trial version for an unlimited time.

After 30 days from the first installation, however, the Save Project command will no longer work.

Also you’ll see a watermark on created shows/videos. However you can continue to use the trial version with these limitations.

We can offer a 20% discount for members of your camera club for the next 3 months.

Mac version requires the Pro license, if you decide to buy a license.

So if you download it within thirty days before the competition you should be fine, after that it is up to you to decide, 20% off is not a bad offer.

For those attending next Wednesday evening, if you want to bring along some images that you have in mind for the competition please do so.

Apple iMovie

For those looking to use any Apple product – iPhone, iPad or Mac; iMovie is pre-installed on all of those devices and with some simple instruction will enable you to view edit and share slideshows (movies) in iMovie on your device.

All the photos and video clips in your Photos, iPhoto, and Aperture libraries are automatically available for use in iMovie.

Open iMovie and select ‘help’ from the top menu, a user guide and simple help menu should get you started from there –

Note: You can’t use Aperture or iPhoto in versions of the Mac operating system after macOS Mojave 10.14. If your photos are in an Aperture or iPhoto library, you can update your photo library to Photos. See the Apple Support article Migrate your Aperture libraries to Photos or Adobe Lightroom Classic.

  1. In the iMovie app on your Mac, select your photo library in the Libraries list.
  2. Click the pop-up menu at the top of the browser, choose a content category, and then scroll through the thumbnails of photos and video clips in that category.
  3. Select the photo or clip you want to use to see a preview in the viewer.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Insert the photo or video clip: Drag it to the timeline between clips or between a clip and a transition.As you drag, a blue box appears in the timeline, indicating where the photo or clip will appear in the timeline.
    • Replace a clip: Drag the photo or clip on top of a clip in the timeline.As you drag, a white border appears around the clip in the timeline. When you release the mouse button, choose Replace from the menu that appears. The photo or clip replaces the clip in the timeline.

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