Competition Rules

Haregill Lane – by Tom Lehman


Masham Photographic Club has about 25 members and you might enjoy the experience

and challenge of a competition, with critical feedback from another photographer or

interested party. Hopefully the feedback will help to improve our photographic skills!

Competition Rules

Each image has to be taken within the previous 18 months of the competition, unless stated otherwise. No image can be entered in more than one MPC competition, but can be included in the Annual Print Exhibition.

Red Spot Evenings

A Red Spot Evening is an occasional evening held as part of the MPC programme and is an informal print competition.  Those attending are invited to bring with them a maximum of three unmounted prints (maximum size A4) of images they have taken within the previous 18 months of any subject.

None of these images should have been entered in any previous competitions (print or digital) and none of the images can be used in any subsequent competitions

(print or digital). 

The image title only must be written, in pencil, on the back of the print.  On arrival, each member hands in their images and, in return, receives a sheet of red spot stickers (usually 7). The host adds the titles of the images to their master list.

Once everyone has arrived, the host ‘shuffles’ the prints and distributes the images face up around the 5 or 6 tables setup for the evening. (With 20 members and 5 tables, that equates to about 12 prints per table).

Members are then invited to review all the prints and stick one or more red spots on the back of the prints according to how much they rate the images.  Each member is expected NOT to identify their images to other members. Each member is expected NOT to vote/apply red spots to their own images.

At the end, a refreshment break is called and the competition is closed.

The host then collects all the prints and records the number of red spots against each title, ranks the image titles and highlights the ‘top 7’. The host then announces the results by image title, asking the winning members to identify their own images.

Digital Competition Entries

Please submit up to 3 images for any digital competition to the email address:

Each image should be given a title (other than IMG_9087A!) Simply RENAME the images you

are about to send with the image title.

Each image should be a JPEG (please no RAW

images) ideally with a maximum of 1600 pixels on the longest side.

(If submitting a landscape image then 16:9 projects best, similarly a square image for

portrait. Otherwise any aspect ratio is allowable).

Please submit the images in one, two or three emails, depending on your preference

(please do not ZIP the images).

Once submitted your images will be prefixed with a letter A, B, C, etc. to indicate your

entrant code for that competition (only known to the competition co-ordinator).


Within the rules of our competitions an individual entrant can only achieve ONE place

within the overall rankings. So each set of entries (for example, A1, A2, A3) will be judged

on merit, but only ONE image (for example, A2) will go forward to the final rankings.

The final rankings are First, Second, Third, Highly Commended and three places for

Commended. Each ranking earns points towards a total for the end-of-year trophy.


Each image entered will receive 1 point, but this will be overridden if the image is assigned

a ranking. The rankings are First (12 pts), Second (10pts), Third (8pts), Highly Commended

(6pts) and three places of Commended (5pts).

The points are allocated to you and go towards your total for the end-of-year trophies.

All entries should be sent by email to :

If you have queries regarding competitions please speak to David Mason at a meeting or email him at

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