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Hedging my bets – David Mason

Tuesday 3rd May

We were privileged and delighted to welcome documentary photographer and storyteller Joanne Coates to our club.

Joanne’s dedicated approach to her work has taken her to different communities in the UK, where she has lived amongst the people she has portrayed. Her interest in the fishing industry took her to the Orkneys, where we saw something of the harsh conditions experienced by the trawler workers.  

Joanne has also put her camera to good use in the Middlesborough area, photographing some of the most marginalised groups in society. Her talent for telling stories about people’s lives as they actually are, created a real engagement with the seventeen club members and guests who were present, with lots of questions following about Joanne’s experiences.

The introduction of a refreshment break has proved to be popular, with almost too much conversation wanting to be fitted into the time slot allocated. We certainly had an enjoyable and interesting evening at the Town Hall.

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