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Free Parking – by John Cole

Tuesday 21st March 2023

Hello Everyone!

The award – winning photography of Charlotte Graham was central to her well – received presentation at our meeting in the Town Hall last night.  

Twenty-one members and guests enjoyed her fascinating insights into her life as a press photographer, accompanied by stunning images across incredibly diverse subjects.  It was especially appreciated that Charlotte joined us despite having recently undergone critical surgery with a relatively brief recovery period.  Charlotte easily filled the evening with her fascinating presentation and as always with such popular speakers she could have carried on answering questions long into the night!

Charlotte has been a professional photographer for just over nine years which is amazing considering her great success and popularity in press photography and other areas.  Her body of work is also remarkable for another reason: most of her photographs are not processed, or in a few cases very lightly processed, and are straight out of her camera. This impressed and encouraged many members who prefer to minimise the time and effort connected with post processing, especially those who use film and employ more traditional methods of photography. 

Charlotte’s presentation was an honest, transparent rendering of her work as a professional, revealing the reality of life as a press photographer.  It’s clearly not a profession for the feint-hearted!  Her colourful use of language accurately conveyed the nature of this extremely competitive profession.  Her honesty and forthrightness added to our understanding of her experiences and was appreciated. 

Charlotte’s portfolio of work extends to photographs, videos, drone photography, publishing, blogs, and involvement in social media. She generously donated several of her beautiful books and diaries to the MPC which will be used as prizes in upcoming raffles. Charlotte also waived her speaking fee but asked only for “a good piece of cake”. We obliged and enjoyed cake during our refreshment break.  She also offered to return to continue her discussion with us, again a very thoughtful and generous gesture that was greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks to Andrew Stockham, for arranging to have Charlotte join us (a long time ag, Pre – Covid!).  

It was a wonderful, memorable meeting and presentation.

Thank you to all who attended. 

Best wishes,


Chairman, Masham Photographic Club

NB – Don’t forget to send David your slide show entry for our AV competition by the end of the day on Friday, the 24th March!

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