March 2020 – Blot on the Landscape

This months competition was different as the regular meeting was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak and therefore there was not a presentation and discussion about the entries or the winning images.

As you will see , this page contains some thoughts from the judge about the competition subject and some comments about a few of the entries. I hope that you enjoy this virtual presentation.

Blot on the Landscape

This is a curious title for a competition because one persons blot is another persons beauty ! This results in some anomalies , for example , the image below “The White House ” is perhaps my favourite image – lovely wild winter landscape and the well placed and lonely farmhouse giving the image both life and perspective. For these reasons it does not feature as one of the winners !

D_The white house

In some of the other entries I struggled to identify what the “blot” was , for example :

D_Beyond the sea

Is the blot , the ferry, the wind farm or the statue – it depends on your point of view or even politics !


Presumably here the “blot” is the cyclist ?

In view of these comments it is easy to see why there was a comparatively small entry for this competition.

Now the results :

C_Keep Britain Tidy

First: “Keep Britain Tidy” by Bill Tetlow

Although a somewhat dated title , this image is a powerful reflection of one of the problems of our time , namely waste. The image shows fly tipping on a beach with a variety of plastic bags and all sorts of rubbish. It tells a story and conveys a message which I think is what the subject of the competition is all about.

A_How Sweet

Second “How Sweet” by John Cole

I enjoyed the irony of the title, as this monstrous factory is anything but sweet ! Dirty,  poluting and architecturally drab , there is not much going for the building – a real blot on the landscape wherever it is situated.

E_Is this really necessary

Third: “Is this really necessary?” by David Mason

Another image that tells a story – yes we need to control moles but is there a real point to hanging them on the fence?  Perhaps the framing and cropping could be improved to make the most of the subject.

B_This is bigger than it looks

Highly Commended : “This is bigger than it looked” by Joan Birch

Its a pity the picture could not be captured by a drone as it would emphasise the ugly building in the landscape and reduce the sky. I am not sure that cropping would help as the image needs the expanse of green to make the point.

D_Over the edge

Commended: “Over the Edge” by Gordon Wilson

A nice coastal scene spoilt(?) by  ahead surfacing on the edge of an infinity pool – at least it is in a central position!!


Commended: “Ooops” by Kathryn Driver

Nicely exposed imaged, lovely sunny day – then a  …………….. cyclist comes along – don’t you just love them !


Other entries to the “Blot on the Landscape ” competitition.




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