Notes from the Chairman

Chairman’s Announcements

This new area of the website will be used to provide MPC Members with timely announcements and important information that may impact club activities and plans. I’ll email club members to alert them of updates. 

IMPORTANT – Covid Reminder:

Concerns around the highly contagious Coronavirus Omicron variant have led to a renewal of efforts to minimise risk. Recommendations for group meetings include:

– maintaining social distancing

– maintaining a flow of fresh air

– wearing face masks, while not required, is recommended

– using hand sanitiser

– using antibacterial cleaner on surfaces

We’ve conscientiously  followed health and safety recommendations in the past so these recommendations serve only as a reminder. 

MPC  Website:

Chris Broadbent has taken on the important role of Webmaster for our website. He’ll regularly update information across the site and address problems that arise connected with access and navigation. If you experience a problem or have a question about the site please speak with Chris at a regular Tuesday meeting or contact him directly:

The website is a terrific resource for internal communication around our programme and special events, and especially for sharing our photographs with each other. The site also provides the general public with a window into our activities, the friendly ethos of the club, and our passion for photography.  At our meeting on Tuesday, the 7th of December, Chris will provide us with an overview of our website and try to answer any questions you have.  

MPC Competitions:

David Mason organises and coordinates MPC competitions, a key part club activities. If you have suggestions for topics please share them with David.  Also please let him know if you’re willing to judge a competition and / or if you know someone who is not a member but who would be willing to be a competition judge. 

MPC Programme:

John Cole has stepped forward to take on the role of planning our programme.  Finding and bringing in  guest speakers is, like our competitions, central to our activities and can also be quite a challenging task. John searches for speakers who can join our meetings to provide in-person presentations on a great variety of topics.  And with the help of Club member Bill Tetlow we’re now fortunate to be able to enjoy presentations delivered in real time by guest speakers located almost anywhere in the world using Bill’s Zoom account.  The excellent digital hardware available for our use at the Town Hall meeting room can make an online presentation an enjoyable, effective learning experience. We’re lucky to be able to widen our search for speakers using our in-house expertise and equipment. If you have suggestions for speakers near or far, and topics that you’re interested in learning more about, please share your ideas with John.

John also organises and coordinates the presentations created by club members. It’s important that we have a “bank” of club presentations available to schedule for regular meetings but also to call into use when booked speakers cancel due to travel problems or illness.  When this happens, often at the last minute, we need call on members to provide us with a substitute presentation.  Please would everyone consider creating a 20 – minute presentation?  You could work alone or with a partner. It could be a series of favourite photos, a compilation of photos taken on a trip, editing tips, a presentation on a favourite photographer – there are many possibilities. Help is always nearby if you’d like any assistance with this.  Please contact John to share your ideas for a presentation.  

John will provide an update of the programme and try to answer any questions you have at our next meeting on December 7th.

Equipment for Sale

Fellow photographer and former club member Jon Vennell has some items on eBay that MPC members might be interested in checking out:

A printer:

Studio flash

Many thanks!


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