Forthcoming Competitions

                                                              Entry Date                                   Result Date

A Floral Harvest (Print Competition)Tuesday 7th September 2021Tuesday 5th October 2021
My Phone Shots 2021Friday 8th October 2021Tuesday 19th October 2021
Monochrome AutumnFriday 5th November 2021Tuesday 16th November 2021
Here Comes ChristmasFriday 10th December  2021Tuesday 21st December 2021
MinimalismFriday 7th January 2022Tuesday 18th January 2022
Winter in the DalesFriday February 18th 2022Tuesday 1st March 2022
Rural BuildingsFriday 25th March2022Tuesday 5th April 2022
New BeginningsFriday 22nd April 2022Tuesday 3rd May 2022
This Working LifeFriday 20th May 2022Tuesday 7th June 2022
The Himalayan GardensFriday 1st July 2022Tuesday 5th July 2022

Annual Exhibition – to be held in Masham parish church in July – an Open Competition

Sheep Fair Exhibition – to be held in the church in September – the theme this year will be “Trees” – with specific reference to the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative which is taking place for her jubilee in2022.

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